you look like i did.
Kennedy Salvatore. 17. Senior at Harwich High School.
“Still, the longer I was around her, the more I could see the colours of her mind and the recesses of her heart. There was a beast in there. But there was also a girl who was afraid of being a beast, and who wondered if other people had beasts in their hearts too. There was strength, and there was also just the determination to look strong. She guarded herself like a secret.”
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I’m less than happy about the two children I’m stuck with. 

And who would that be?

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Not keen to be a teen mom for the week, Kenn?


I’m not too keen on anything involving the word mom as of late, but that’s unavoidable. I’m sure people like you were great at this assignment but I’m probably just going to stick the [does air quotes] baby on my dresser for a week and ignore it.

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I mean… my fish die in like a day. Can’t they give me a failing grade for that? 

I have a dog because I never want to worry about a small child relying on me to exist, especially when they’re incredibly annoying. I don’t see what this teaches me about sex, either. Unfit parents are going to be unfit no matter what a stupid high school class teaches you.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of the person who thought caring for a baby doll with someone you don’t know well to be the equivalent of having actual children? I’d like to have a strong word or two with them.

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"What the hell are you doing?"
“Writing a blog post, what does it look like I’m doing?”
“Yeah, but the sun’s coming up.”
“What? Since when?”

Kennedy Salvatore doing serious work, taken by Xavier Hoss before dragging her back to bed.
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Yeah, you and me both.


I could go for something stronger, but I’m trying to keep my head clear.

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[It was similar to a scene of him trying to get a feel of the ground before him, as though his foot was extended and he was careful, careful, careful, before moving forward. He wanted to believe that this was how people were with him when his parents died, but he was old enough to know better. At that time, everyone believed that they knew how he felt, what he was thinking, what he needed to heal… and yet here he was, not any closer to feeling like things would get better soon. Kennedy was some sort of redemption, he did think of that (though he hadn’t said it out loud, at least to her), but relying on her to save him didn’t feel all that good going down. Now by some goddamn unfortunate, unfair twist of fate, she was as beaten and broken and scarred as he was, and all he could do was just let her be that and trust that somewhere down the road, she’ll get to the point where the pain wasn’t as raw as it was now. He could tell her that it’ll haunt her, he could tell her that every now and then it’ll get so bad, all you can do is stare at the ceiling and make believe you were turning back to a time when things were okay, but there wasn’t any point to it because she would experience it all and his plan was to be there every step of the way. Right now all he could do was figure out the right thing for the moment… and apparently, trying to lighten the mood wasn’t it, judging by her look.] No, not in the slightest… I mean, yeah, because I’m not cuddly or approachable, but that’s a joke so that doesn’t really count. Honestly, you could tell the world to fuck itself right now and it still wouldn’t be stupid, and I’d shout along with you cause the world really does need to go get fucked. [It was weird that people were giving her /that/ look, something that he felt he got exclusively before this. All he seemed to be known for now in this town was the fact that he’d lost his family. It wasn’t something that he wanted to be sharing with Kennedy… or with anyone. He gave her hand a soft squeeze, shaking his head and bringing her hand in his to his lips and kissing it.] It’s fine, don’t worry. I got giant hands compared to yours, so it’s not even a problem. And actually, you know what.. [He made a show of raising his other arm, turning his head and pretending to take a sniff, scrunching up his nose at himself. By this point, he was honestly relieved because they were close to his car.] I think I do need a bath so count me in. It’ll be 75% me in that bath then 25% you though, when you look at it, but if you’re sure. Quick question: will there be bubbles and/or toys?

[There had been a considerable wedge of distance between the two of them lately, though she’d been hesitant to comment on it, mainly because she felt as if she’d imagined it. The time he spent with her in the evenings had diminished significantly, and though Kennedy hadn’t asked, she worried. She worried enough to occasionally convince herself that maybe he’d found something he didn’t like after all that exploring he promised to do. And it wasn’t like the weight of the things he still kept from her didn’t push down on her constantly. But there was one thing she hadn’t doubted, and that was him showing up as soon as he physically could the second she needed him for something like this. She had to remind herself often that they were teenagers, teenagers with heavy secrets and painful pasts that should’ve made the silly angst feel like a breeze but somehow made it worse. She was equipped to deal with emotional abuse and alcoholism, but wondering where her boyfriend was? A whole different beast. Right now though, he was here, and he had gotten here like she knew she would, and that made all her worries feel a little less scary.] I would like to do that, actually. Stand on top of a rooftop and scream for the world to fuck itself. Or in front of my father, he seems like the more pressing issue at the moment.  [His humor was oddly appreciated. Perhaps a few months ago she would’ve hated it, found it inappropriate, but the level he was going to genuinely keep her out of that place in her head that would drive her insane made tears well up in her eyes once more. She brought his hand back to her face once he kissed hers, holding it to her face gently.] I love you so goddamn much, you know that, right? Thank you. For being here, and for… your overall existence. [She stopped at his car, wanting to collapse against it, but remaining upright. She was so close to being home, she only had to hold out a little bit longer.] That sounds like our relationship in a nutshell. I’m not sure I own any bath toys. I can do bubbles though. It all sounds… too normal.

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[text] You were supposed to laugh! Jesus. Do you seriously think I go around offering it to everyone I'm friends with?

[text] I did laugh. And I was playing along. This is a little thing I like to call progress, thank you very much.

[text] Also you could and I wouldn’t be surprised.

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[text] I'm kind of creeped out that you're thinking about how our kids would look.

[text] You’re the one offering your sperm to me so get out with that.

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